As Property Managers, we understand that you need to know and trust all of the various professionals you have to call on – from the electrician – to the landscapers – to your pest control service, and we make it our business to help you shine in yours.
Our technicians are fully trained to work with property managers on any properties they may be managing including:
Each of our pest control technicians is highly trained in the identification of pests and their nests. We make it our mission to understand your specific needs as a property manager just as thoroughly.
We take our time to assess your properties for evidence of unwanted guests, while identifying potential entryways for future infestations. We aim to build a long-lasting relationship with each of our clients – no matter the size of the job.
An exterminator in a rush can miss a lot of important signs. Unlike many national franchises in pest control, we will never try to push proprietary products on you or rush out the door to meet an arbitrary sales quota.
Our customer service is always one phone call away – and you will never have to “press one for more options.” We take our commitment to working with our clients to provide the exact level of care desired very seriously.

Common Pest Problems in Apartment Buildings:

Large roofs provide areas of interest to birds, rodents, and pests drawn to sitting water on the roof such as flies and mosquitoes.
Managed properties are often surrounded by mulch. Mulch located next to any exterior wood on a building poses a greater threat for infestation of termites and cockroaches and is a common problem in any commercial building that regularly employs landscapers.
Bed Bugs are a notorious problem in apartment buildings. These pests love to move into beds and furniture. Once in an apartment building, these pests can travel rapidly from room to room.
In the Northeast, especially during the colder months as they seek warmth, rodents can become a serious problem very quickly. Mice can actually get in through spaces as small as a #2 pencil – and once they move in- breed very rapidly.
Ants can also become a problem for apartment buildings. Without preventative pest control measures, ants, especially in the summer, become almost inevitable.
Buildings with large numbers of drains are also prone to flies breeding in those drains.
4 Seasons Pest Control has developed specific treatment protocols for all of the various aspects of the property management industry including apartment buildings, resorts, home rentals, office rentals etc.

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