Carpenter Ants


Carpenter Ants are a Pain in the Frass!

frass; noun: fine powdery refuse or fragile perforated wood produced by the activity of boring insects; the excrement of insect larvae.

Just on principle, no homeowner wants to find larvae excrement in their homes. But it is also a serious sign of foreboding for the home’s structure.
While carpenter ants do not technically eat wood, they do bore through it and use the frass to build their nests. The saw-dust like material left behind provides clues as to their nesting location.
Unlike termite-damaged areas, Carpenter Ant galleries or holes are smooth and have mud packed into the hollowed-out areas. Carpenter ants can cause significant damage both to the wood and the foam insulation in your home.
The most common Carpenter Ant Treatment includes the treatment of nests and entryways with residual insecticides. Barrier treatments applied to the perimeter of your home can prevent further infestations.

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