Is your house or business starting to look like Joe’s Apartment? Unfortunately, the average cockroach infestation lacks the humor of the 1996 Comedy Flick.
Cockroaches require only 1/16th of an inch to get into a building and reproduce quickly.
Having roaches does not mean that your house is unclean. Different cockroaches are drawn to different things. While many are drawn to food, others are more interested in moisture. Once in the house, they will eat just about everything… including glue, leather, drapes, or hair.
Whether entering through vents, sewer or drain pipes, crevices or even hitching a ride in grocery bags or boxes – once inside – they make themselves at home. With plenty of food, warmth, water and nesting sites, they can remain active all year – and for every one you see – there may be many more multiplying behind your walls.
If you see cockroaches in the daytime – this may be a very bad sign. As cockroaches are typically nocturnal, those seen out in the daytime may be there due to overcrowding.


Cockroaches cast off their skins – and the combination of those, dead bodies, and their droppings can aggravate allergies.
Cockroach infestations are very difficult to manage on a DIY- basis. Between their nocturnal habits and their aptitude for hiding, they can be very difficult to locate, and their eggs are naturally resistant to most over-the-counter insecticides.
Homeowners often do not know how to apply roach control spray effectively, which is why choosing an experienced pest control company is your best option. If you do attempt a DIY Cockroach removal, or want to prevent future cockroach infestations, there are some key areas you may want to address:
  • Seal cracks, holes, and crevices to prevent entry
  • Avoid heavy ground covers outside
  • Keep lumber, firewood or debris piles as far from your home as possible.
  • Prevent mulch from touching your home’s foundation
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