The great majority of snakes in our area are non-venomous and pose no serious threat of harm to humans besides potential infection of improperly cleaned bites – however getting close enough to a snake to determine whether it is or isn’t poisonous may be dangerous.
If you are able to get a good look from a safe distance, the simplest way to identify a venomous snake is through the shape of its head. Most venomous species in the US are a form of pit viper (ie. copperheads, rattlesnakes.) and their heads have a triangular shape with a visible pit between the eye and nostril. Their eyes will also appear to be more oval shaped than those of nonvenomous snakes who typically have a much more narrow head and round pupils.
One of the keys to snake management is to manage their favorite habitats. By removing wood piles, debris piles, high grass and overgrown vegetation, snakes will relocate on their own.
Four Seasons Pest Control can inspect your home for any openings through which snakes might enter, and guide you in specific measures you might take to prevent further slithering guests.
Our technicians will also inspect for evidence of a rodent population, as snakes are sometimes drawn into the home in search of their favorite meals.
Snakes of any variety are vital to our ecosystem – please avoid killing snakes – even venomous ones. For safe removal from a trained professional, please call us today.

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